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CarMart.pk is an e-commerce website started by the one of founder member of Multinet, an Axiata group subsidiary and CEO and founder of CAR MART, one of the largest and best car seat covers manufacturer and interior designer in Pakistan.

The idea was to provide a one-stop, enhanced shopping experience to buyers online, for their cars daily need. How it is different and beneficial then the old tradional way of road shopping, you need to understand the process first.

There are a 5 people involved before a product reached to a buyers hands

  1. Importer
  2. Financer
  3. Wholesaler
  4. Retailer
  5. Buyer

Unlike the CarMart.pk, an e-commerce website there are only 2 people, one is a single person as Importer, distributer, manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer as a SALER , and other is BUYER.

Hence it is obvious that when 5 people are taking profit from one product, which means it cost expensive to the buyer plus they go for cheaper products when purchasing because they don’t have to face the customer. Unlike Car Mart, they always go for the bust available products for their customers.

Car Mart has its own team of dedicated and talented experts in the field of Auto Accessories, digital media, supply chain & e-commerce services.